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Working Toward a Sustainable Future

Sustainability should be more than just a buzzword – it should be a way of life. At Nude Health, we’ve made strides toward becoming a more sustainable supplement provider. We aim to adopt environmentally friendly practices and keep sustainability in mind as we grow. Our team has considered sustainability practices since the inception of our brand, and we always try to take the sustainable route without affecting our products’ quality. When you purchase from Nude Health, you’re investing in supplements that are good for you and conscious of the planet.

How Our Subscription Cycle Supports Sustainability

Our 90-day subscription cycle supports sustainability by reducing our overall carbon footprint. By opting for a 90-day cycle instead of a shorter one, we minimise parcel delivery and create less waste. In fact, just one parcel delivered by Royal Mail creates 205 grams of carbon – that’s the equivalent of burning 104ml of fuel, driving one mile in your car, or charging your smartphone 25 times. When you choose Nude Health’s subscription program, you can take a small but significant step towards reducing your impact on the environment. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the convenience of having your sustainable supplements delivered right to your doorstep at regular intervals.

Packaging That Doesn't Harm the Planet​

We’ve ensured all of the packing is 100% recyclable. As we look to become even more eco-friendly, we’re currently seeking ways to use ‘compostable’ packages without diminishing our products’ shelf life. What’s more, our team has invested in environmentally friendly ink for our envelopes. While we are still in the early stages of becoming a more environmentally-friendly business, we’re committed to our search for solutions that don’t put strain on our planet.

See the Numbers in Action

The team at Nude Health has big aspirations for our vitamins and supplements. We envision a company that does the most to bring customers value while preserving the environment around us. We have created a subscription model we believe will make a positive impact on the world (90-day cycles instead of 30 days), but we need our customer’s help. See how the numbers could play out with your support:

With 10,000 subscribers each year on a 90-day cycle, we could avoid the carbon equivalent of:

  • Burning 8,320 litres of fuel
  • Driving 83,200 miles
  • Charging 2 million smartphones
  • Consuming 38 barrels of oil
  • 710 bags of waste discarded in landfills

With 50,000 subscribers each year, we stand to avoid emitting the equivalent of:

  • Driving 416,000 miles
  • Consuming 190 barrels of oil
  • Using the energy of 10.3 homes
  • Consuming 3,767 propane cylinders
  • Charging 10 million smartphones
  • Burning 41,751 kilograms of coal

Get in Touch With Nude Health

When shopping for supplements, you shouldn’t have to decide between quality and sustainability. As Nude Health grows, we remain committed to doing our best for the environment. Our sustainable practices are always changing as new solutions become available, and we’re proud to offer our customers an eco-friendly, effective supplement subscription service. We welcome you to contact us with questions.

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Only the finest raw form ingredients are utilised in Nude products. Raw ingredients are sourced with supporting certificates of analyses and evidence of testing. They are then checked again for colour, scent and weight.