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Central to our philosophy is keeping things simple – keeping things Nude. Everything we do, is for you. Pure supplements expertly formulated, backed by science, delivered to your door at unbeatable prices. There are many supplements on the market to choose from, it can often be mind boggling and confusing to an untrained eye! There are, however, several factors and marks of quality that you need to look out for. Nude Health only produce the highest quality supplements, giving you peace of mind. Bioavailability – There are many forms of each nutrient. There is the precursor, and the active usable form. When ingesting the precursor, the body has to work hard to convert it into its active, usable form. This is often a complex biochemical reaction which is reliant on good genetics, nutrient status and metabolism. So, one person may be fine taking precursors, whereas another person may struggle, particularly if they are low on nutrients, are ill, have a medical condition or just has bad genetics. Taking the active form of the nutrient makes it easy for the body to use. There is none, or very little biochemical processes which need to take place. At Nude Health, we have made sure that we use some of the most bioavailable forms. Absorption of nutrients – As nutrients come in many forms, so does their ability to be absorbed across the gut and into the blood. Some nutrients do not get absorbed well and end up being passed through the gut, and not doing what they are intended to do. This is of course not ideal when taking food supplements, and poor-quality supplements will mostly be wasted by the body. These typically cause gastric distress such as cramping, excess gas and in some cases diarrhoea. Other nutrient forms are highly absorbable and enter the blood steam as intended and work effectively. Nude Health supplements use some of the most absorbable forms available. Synergy – Many nutrients work synergistically together, either in balance with each other, or supporting the absorption and utilisation of each other. It is important to get the balance right. This doesn’t just apply to vitamins and minerals; herbs and herbal extracts can also be supported by other herbs or nutrients. Nutritional science is a complex subject, and when choosing Nude Health supplements, you can be confident that each nutrient is selected with its synergistic factor and function in mind. Looking after the planet – Nude Health uses non-GMO ingredients. This is important, as supplements are taken to improve, and not hinder health. Non-GMO ingredient sources are also our way of looking out for the planet and protecting the biodiversity of nature. Most of our products are suitable for vegans. This is of course important to many people who want to reduce their carbon footprint. A few of our products do contain some animal products when essential to ensure you are getting the best form of nutrients. When we do use these small amounts of animal product, we have the highest welfare standards. Additive free – Our products are additive free. This is an essential mark of quality. Additives nowadays are not only not necessary, but also potentially harmful to the body. There are many ‘old fashioned’ supplements on the market still using these additives and are not utilising modern technology to make the purest supplements. Nude Health takes a very health conscious and modern approach by eliminating unnecessary excipients and only using ‘the good stuff’! Dairy free & gluten free – Dairy and gluten are a big ‘no’ for many people. They not only potentially cause havoc in health but are an unnecessary addition to health supplements. Where possible, we have made our products dairy and gluten free making them suitable for most of the population. Formulated by Nutritionists – This is a major mark of quality for food supplements. Nutrition is a complex science. Having the right balance of nutrition can make a huge difference to quality of life. A bad formula however may work against you and cost you money for that favour! Unfortunately, you do not have to be a Nutritionist to make a food supplement, so it is essential that the supplements you buy are designed by Nutritionists who not only know the right quantity of nutrients to use, but also the form and the correct balance of nutrients for the greatest effect on health. We have endeavoured to make the highest quality supplements that we are proud to sell and look forward to helping you on your way to better health!
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