The Power of Maca & Ginseng Supplements

Maca and Ginseng Supplement Benefits

You may have heard of maca and ginseng being touted for aphrodisiacal properties, but that is far from the only benefits these two supplements offer. Maca root is also known as Peruvian ginseng, and it’s been used for thousands of years as food, currency, and medicine. The ancient Incans, in fact, reserved its use for royalty, considering it more precious than gold. Ginseng, also called red ginseng or Asian ginseng, is another time-tested remedy, the most revered herbal medicine in many ancient cultures, particularly in China. Both ingredients are adaptogens, which means they can help your body cope with mental and physical stress. People who take ginseng are likely to sleep better, have more energy, and a better sense of well-being, while those who take maca notice a boost in energy and reduction of fatigue. They also have a slightly different effect on men and women but have lots of benefits once you incorporate them into your daily life.

The Synergistic Blend

The beauty of maca and ginseng is how well they complement each other. That is why at Nude Health, we have formulated The Mac, a maca supplement that incorporates ginseng for the perfect blend to boost libido, vitality, and endurance. Because maca boosts energy, improves mood, and supports hormone regulation, and ginseng increases stamina, reduces stress, and improves mental clarity, the two ingredients together promote holistic vitality. They are an amazing addition to the daily wellness routine of anyone looking to lead a more fulfilling and vibrant life.

Energy and Vitality Boost

It is said that the Spanish conquistadors used high doses of Maca when preparing themselves for war. In the modern day, it is used by athletes and bodybuilders as a supplement to increase energy and performance. Does science back the claims of improved energy and endurance? Yes! Recent studies have found that maca helps reduce exercise-induced fatigue in mice, and other studies demonstrated its ability to reduce fatigue in women and improve the mood and energy levels of people living at high and low altitudes. Another study found that the use of maca for 14 days improved the performance of male cyclists completing a 40 kilometre time trial. Ginseng has been found to support positive responses to exercise-induced stress, and it may support stronger athletic endurance. In fact, over 150 studies suggest that supplementing with ginseng can reduce fatigue and improve physical performance. While more research is needed, what we can observe so far is that taking these two herbs together enhances energy and stamina.

How do they do it? Their efficacy has to do with their adaptogenic, nutritional, and phytochemical properties. Both maca and ginseng support mitochondrial function to boost exercise performance, and maca contains antioxidants that protect against oxidative damage sustained during intense exercise. Ginseng protects against oxidative stress too, by increasing antioxidant enzyme activities. Further, maca contains carbohydrates, protein, fibre, iron, essential amino acids, and vitamin C, all necessary for supporting sustained energy.

Hormonal Balance

When researching maca benefits for men, as well as ginseng benefits for men, you will find a lot of information about increased libido and enhanced sexual performance. Maca contains zinc, iodine, vitamin C and amino acids that affect the central nervous system, boosting the libido and helping to alleviate sexual dysfunction. Ginseng has been shown to increase sex drive and decrease erectile dysfunction, and these supplements improve a person’s sense of well-being. Studies have shown maca doesn’t just boost sexual desire in men, but increased libido is also one of the touted maca benefits for women. Both herbs support better reproductive health and function for men and women, and one of the more well-documented maca and ginseng benefits for women is a reduction of menopausal symptoms.

Cognitive Function and Mental Clarity

One of the most well-known benefits of maca is the protection it affords against age-related cognitive decline, supported by several animal studies. Ginseng can help regulate cognition and improve sustained mental stress. In fact, as both ginseng and maca are known to protect against cognitive decline, both should be incorporated into a comprehensive Alzheimer’s prevention plan.

Immune System Support

As if all of these benefits are not enough, using maca and ginseng may contribute to a strengthened immune system. Recent research indicates that ginseng has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties, and one study even found that ginseng can increase the number of immune cells and enhance antioxidant levels in the liver. Maca has been shown to improve immune function and reduce chronic inflammation in the gut, and studies indicate that glucosinolate, a compound found in maca, may even prevent the growth of cancer in liver and colon cell lines.

Adaptogenic Stress Relief

As mentioned above, both maca and ginseng have adaptogenic properties. These properties can help in managing stress, whether environmental, physical, or mental. While you should build stress-relief measures into your daily routine, taking time for practices like mindfulness and meditation, incorporating maca ginseng capsules into this routine can help support your other stress-reducing measures.

Quality Matters

How can you be sure that taking a maca and ginseng supplement benefits you as much as possible? It comes down to the quality of the capsules . Nude Health prioritises quality, using only FDA GRAS approved ingredients and sticking to a strict adherence to the stringent standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) within ISO Class 8 certified pharmaceutical clean rooms in the UK. We only use the most bioavailable forms of each ingredient, ensuring maximum absorption, and we never use fillers, artificial ingredients, or nasty chemicals. Our supplements are non-GMO, and our capsules are made of Hypromellose, a clear, tasteless, natural, vegan fibre. We are meticulous when it comes to creating the highest quality supplements, and our dedication to quality has been endorsed by the MHRA, the Health Food Manufacturers Association, the FDA, and the Soil Association.

Our ingredients are research-based based, and we offer full transparency, with the formulas and ingredients clearly detailed on our website. Our manufacturing partners and suppliers are CGMP, HFMA, FDA, and AIB accredited and certified, and every ingredient is scrutinised by our manufacturing partners. Sourced from known suppliers, are ingredients come with certificates of analyses and evidence of testing, then are randomly batch-tested at third party labs to ensure quality.

How to Incorporate Maca and Ginseng Capsules into Your Routine

At Nude Health, we make it easy to get the nutrition you need, in supplements designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life. Our maca ginseng supplement, The Mac, is recommended in a dosage of one per day. Because both maca and ginseng have energy boosting properties, we suggest that you take it first thing in the morning, rather than in the evening, when it could disrupt your sleep. Subscribing is the best way to receive your supplements, because Nude Health offers free postage, and a 90 day cycle, to make sure you never run out, yet the number of deliveries is reduced, to lower our carbon footprint while still providing you with optimal convenience. You can review, control, update, amend, add to, take away from, or cancel a Nude Health subscription at any time, and your monthly cost will be far cheaper than you will find with any of our competitors.

Boosting Your Health and Vitality, Naturally

If you are ready to add Maca and Ginseng to your wellness routine, for a natural health boost, The Mac from Nude Health is the perfect supplement for you. At Nude Health, we pride ourselves on providing vitamins and health supplements that are simple, bare, and truly good for you. Established in 2022, Nude Health was created to be accessible and inclusive to all, and our founders, Jack and Antonio, make it a point of pride in this company to be completely transparent and open about our products and their sustainable packaging. Under the guidance of registered nutritionist Shona Wilkinson, we have developed supplements formulated to ensure maximum bioavailability, ideal dosing, and top-quality ingredients. We prioritise the health of our customers and of the environment, and we work hard to provide the utmost quality, in products as clean as they can possibly be. Our supplements are non-GMO, free from sugar, salt, and artificial colours, flavours, and sweeteners. There are no unnecessary bulking agents, glazing agents or fillers, and our products are free from harmful additives. For more information about all we have to offer and how we can help improve your health, visit our website or contact us for recommendations on hand-picked supplements to meet your needs.

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